FINE-DAY offers everything relating to sleep and the moments surrounding it. Providing a sense of familiarity, ritual and a pared back approach, the collection offers a range of beautifully designed, well made and environmentally considerate pieces across sleep, bed-linen, pet and home categories.

In a world full of noise, we seek mindful moments, for ourselves and those we care about. FINE-DAY aims to bring joy to the everyday. From winding down in the evening, to enjoying the morning coffee run and everything in between, FINE-DAY has you covered. A curated collection of homewares and apparel, effortlessly striking a balance between considered comfort and modern style.

FINE-DAY’s intention is to elevate routines to rituals, and to make everyday, a fine day. Locally designed, ethically made and with the environment at the forefront, FINE-DAY offers inspired living through high-quality products and exclusive designs. The aim is simple - have everyone looking and feeling their best during their hours of rest.

Conceived as a reaction to the importance of rest and mindfulness in our daily lives. FINE-DAY celebrates our time at home and encourages us to take pleasure in the little things. We are proud to do things differently. FINE-DAY is inclusive, genderless, ethically made and sustainably responsible.