Brandbank aims to tread lightly on the Earth, putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We care deeply about people and the planet and are part of a growing global movement who consider positive environmental and social change, at every point of the supply chain. Our mission is to craft beautiful, affordable, ethically sourced products that stand the test of time, created consciously with the utmost respect for communities, our customers and our planets precious resources.

Our Commitment

As a company, we strive for continuous improvement in the field of sustainability. We hold ourselves, our partners and suppliers to the highest ethical, legal and environmental standards at every stage of manufacture and production. We believe it’s our responsibility to protect the environment. We work collaboratively to make the world a better place and are committed to a process of continual improvement in everything we do. We are dedicated to meeting all corporate governance and cyber security guidelines and pledge to regularly share progress on our ethical and sustainability standards. Every day, we are working towards reducing the resources in our end-to-end supply chain, including water, electricity, chemicals and waste and strive to reduce environmental impact across our stores.

Supporting People and Communities

Safety, equality and transparency are intrinsic to our values. We enforce rigorous trading terms (including a strict Code of Supplier Conduct, that applies to all factories, suppliers and third parties we work with) to ensure our supply chain is free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination. We have zero tolerance for child labour and audit our manufacturers to ensure that workers are hired, paid and promoted fairly, treated with respect and that safe working (and, where applicable, living) conditions are provided. Our guiding principle is simple: to support the communities that sustain our industry, placing the priority on people and helping to create long-term employment opportunities for the areas we operate in.

Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing

Sustainability isn’t just part of what we do, it’s who we are, and woven into every part of the manufacturing process. As part of our commitment to minimise social and environmental impact, Brandbank suppliers must adhere to all relevant national and international legislation. All dyeing, printing and finishing conform to our strict Environmental Code of Practice, which is continually reviewed. It also reflects our commitment to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare. Seed Heritage is a proud member of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and we are working for all our brands to become BCI members by the end of 2021. A global not-for-profit organisation, BCI provides training on sustainable farming practices to over 2.3 million cotton farmers in 23 countries right across the globe.

Innovation and Design

At Brandbank, we work tirelessly in our quest to create a greener world. To that end, our objectives as a proudly sustainable business are clear. To minimise the life cycle impact of our products with the aim to recycle, reuse and regenerate whenever possible, and to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging. Some of the practical ways we do this include:
  • By implementing processes to minimise landfill waste of our post-consumer returns not only in-store, but also across our warehouses
  • By consciously designing our products, with sustainability and end of life as a base principle
  • Through the implementation of a company-wide proposal to convert all cotton fibres to ethically sourced cotton fibres
  • By working together to implement a plan to eliminate or minimise product packaging and ensure it is sustainably sourced

When it comes to sustainability, since its launch 20 years ago, Seed Heritage has been a pioneer, leading the way with a range of ethical and environmental programs including:

  • Implementing new processes to allow for faulty goods donation to charity, avoiding waste and landfill
  • Recycling both plastic bags and cardboard at our warehouses
  • Educating our rapidly growing workforce across Australia and New Zealand, with a set program to deliver knowledge workshops every three months
  • Conducting a successful trial of corn bags across Seed Heritage’s apparel business
  • Investigating accessory FOB suppliers and biodegradable bag options
  • By 2025, Seed Heritage is aiming for 100 percent of its cotton products to support sustainable practices

Creating a More Sustainable Future

But we don’t aim to stop there. By 2025 Brandbank aims to continually strengthen its sustainability credentials further through a range of market-leading initiatives designed to set new standards for cleaner, greener operations across our entire portfolio of fashion brands.