Our values

Brandbank is a uniquely Australian Retail Group with a global vision. We strive to become an employer of choice, with an absolute focus on attracting and retaining key talent.

This is a wonderful organisation made up of people who deeply care about the customers that they serve and deeply care about the communities in which they operate. Our people understand the vision of the organisation and set about every day to do the right thing and are driven to make a difference to our customers and the community.

Peter Halkett

Chief Executive Officer, Brandbank


We consider the rights, feelings and wishes of our customers and employees. We genuinely value diversity, recognising the unique skills and talents of every individual.


We are sincere and truthful with our opinions, expressing them in a way that is considered and that contributes to the greater good of the company and our people.


We operate in a consistent manner, guided by honesty, strong morals and ethics.


We put customers at the core of our business, strive to meet their needs and consistently offer exceptional service that focuses on quality, loyalty and inclusion.


We cultivate new ideas to evolve and grow the wider Brandbank business, both in Australia and internationally.


We strongly believe in the brands we create. At Brandbank, we care about the work we do and strive to make a positive difference on a global and local level.